Click here for the summer construction postcard update, May 12, 2017 (en español)

Monta Loma Elementary School's construction will begin this summer. Classroom modernization will be complete in August 2017. The Multi-Use Room expansion will continue through late October 2017. During the Summer of 2018, roofing and rennovation of the staff and office areas will be completed.

This summer, crews will be demolishing two pods, remodeling student restrooms, adding of two portable buildings, installing new fire loop, and adding to and remodeling the kitchen.

We will be expanding the Multi Use Room to allow for 225 students to eat or 450 students to attend assemblies at one time. Plans also include improvements to food service and increased storage capacity. The MUR expansion project will begin in May 2017.

Classrooms will be modernized with technology upgrades, new teaching walls, and fire alarm replacements. Select classrooms will receive new paint, floor tiles, and/or carpeting. Sliding glass doors will be replaced with a wall of windows. Some restrooms will be upgraded to improve accessibility. The parking lots and student drop off zone will also be improved.



• Expansion of Multi-Use Room

• Classrooms modernization

• Kitchen renovations

Timing: June 2017- November 2017

• School office reconfiguration

Timing: June -August 2018

What to expect this summer:

Containers for storage of furniture and classroom materials will be delivered in May and set up on campus. The kitchen has been dismantled (students’ meals will be served from the MUR for the remainder of the year) to prepare for the start of the MUR rennovation. Temporary utilities will be installed in the back of the campus in mid-May. By mid-May, you may notice that construction trailers and fencing on campus. After dismissal on June 6, fencing will go up and construction begins.

Elementary campuses closed this summer

As you know, the District has worked very hard over the years to do the work, funded by Measure G, to make facilities improvements and renovations at every school a reality. The results will be amazing. There will be new and updated classrooms, libraries and MURs. However, construction requires extra accommodations.

In order help facilitate construction timelines, we ask that everyone vacate the elementary schools 30 minutes after dismissal on June 6. We recognize the schedule is not the ideal way to finish the school year on that last day of school, but it is necessary to provide as much time as possible for construction. We have only 46 days this summer for construction work, resulting in a very fast and aggressive schedule to complete the projects before school starts.

Staff will have access to rooms either the week or day before the start of school (Aug. 14).

With construction comes frustrations and inconveniences. We appreciate your support and understanding as we take one step closer to improving each of our schools for our students, staff and community.

What each phase will look like (click to enlarge)

Phase 1

Weber 3

Phase 2

Weber 2